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Welcome to Class 3...

Class Three

Below is a sample of some of the brilliant work Class 3 have done over the last term and some good web links for the children.

Make Sure you check back here often!


A copy of this term's news letter is available below:

Autumn 1 - I am Warrior!


I am Warrior! I am strong, brave and powerful. Meet me in battle. Draw your sword, wield your axe and challenge me if you dare! Invade and attack, Romans versus Celts, the fight is on… Discover warring Britain: meet Claudius, Boudicca and Julius Caesar, and find out what the Romans did for us.

Get ready for Gladiator school and learn alongside Spartacus and Spiculus: brave fighters of the Roman Colosseum. When all that battling makes you hungry, relax, lie back and feast yourself on dormice and grapes, or perhaps a roasted swan sprinkled with nuts?



For a full outline of the National Curriculum that we follow here at Osgodby Primary School, please click on the following link:


If you have any questions, please come in and speak to the Class Teacher or Mr Taylor, our Head Teacher.


Here are some of our Roman and Celtic soliloquies.

Can you tell what side we are on?

Charles the Celt

Charlie P the Roman.

Molly the Celt.

Ronnie the Celt.

Yvie-Sue the Celt.

Seth the Roman.

Andrew the Celt.

Ella the Celt.

Ellie the Celt.

Erin the Celt.

Isaac the Celt.

James W the Celt.

Leighla the Roman.

Roman the Celt.

Ted the Celt.

Ami-Jane the Roman

Jackson the Celt

James C - I am Warrior

Jessica the Celtic Warrior

Max - I am Warrior

Mia the Celt

Rose - I am Warrior

Summer - Roman Soldier


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