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Design and Technology

Design and Technology


'Sometimes we hear that being craftsmanlike is going out of fashion. In a 24/7 throwaway society it is all too easy to condone the slapdash. Being craftsmanlike requires us to show pride, learn from our mistakes, work on practising the hard bits and make something the best it can be. Most of us are naturally proud of something when we have done a good job. Unfortunately, in some schools it has become uncool to show pride in your achievements. This is a terrible thing and we have to fix it.'

                                                                             taken from 'Educating Ruby' by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas


'You have to taste a culture to understand it.'

                                                                                               Mark Kurlansky


During design and technology lessons in our school you will see:




children who are taught to communicate design ideas via clear text / diagrams. Our children are encouraged to discuss design using appropriate technical vocabulary and terminology. Children are encouraged to offer critique to their peers and are taught to evaluate existing products. Children will evaluate their own and other'r work.



children who work collaboratively on larger / more involved projects, Children are encouraged to offer specific and helpful critique to peers while also learning how to receive critique for their classmates. 



children who create designs for a range of purposes and for a range of users. They will use their knowledgde of materials and taught skills to create their models / dishes.



children who create products to solve problems in the 'real world' e.g. eco-friendly solutions 



children who understand that design is all about people - the end user. What does this user need? Ho can we make their life easier? How can we improve the interface for the user?


Cultural Awareness

children who have an awareness of key desgners and designs / inventions from a wide range cultures. Children should also be exposed to food from a wide range of cultures (see the quote above!). 



children who show pride in their use of taught design and making skills and the presentation of their final piece. Our children are encouraged to receive critique and to redesign a piece if necessary. Children should be encouraged to refine designs as the build progresses and should be given the opportunity to practice key practical skills.


Our DT Leader is Mr Neil Marwood