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Sycamore Class

Our theme this term is: Was the Roman civilization civilized?


Some say, "Rome wasn't built in a day." In our new topic, we will be building up blocks of learning, one brick at a time and start building up a picture of the past. We will 'Caesar the day' and learn about the Romans and Celts! From the brave, warrior queen, Boudicca to the mighty Roman emperors such as Caesar and Nero, we will find out what made The Roman empire civilized as well as the 'horrible history' behind it all!


Feeling active? Our Geography topic this term is 'Volcanoes, mountains and Earthquakes'. And if that's not round shaking enough, we will learn about the impacts of natural disasters and erosion. Still feeling active, our PE curriculum is partly delivered by Premier Education, keeping those brains and bodies active with our Autumn themes such as 'Invasion Games' and 'Dance'. Make no bones about it, our Science topic on the 'Human body' is packed full of investigative learning. What types of vitamins keep our bodies healthy? Where can we find these vitamins? What are the different teeth in the human body? What happens to an egg shell when it is left in cola? In RE, we delve into learning about World Religions, particularly Hinduism this term, from learning about their rituals to their belief in gods. Potty about pottery? We will be crafting Roman-style clay pots in Art/Design and technology, with a focus on design and practical skills. Bonjour, Bonsoir, Bonnie Nuit .... French looks at French greetings to kick of the year with our exciting new Kapow! French Topic.

All while staying safe online..... Our computing looks at up-to-date E-safety issues like 'fake news', 'online platforms' and 'how to deal with upsetting content'. Be sure to stay tuned in for Class updates on our school website and Class Dojo, available for children and parents.


Look at our photos to see what we've been doing!