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'Music has the power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young.'


'We have a long history in this country of creating some of the greatest music the world has ever heard. In every musical genre, composers and performers from England have made their mark. From Thomas Tallis and William Byrd in Elizabethan times, via Edward Elgar and Ralph Vaughan Williams in the 20th century, through to Peter Maxwell Davies, Thomas Adès and Howard Goodall today. In rock and pop and dance music, England has consistently led the way, whether in the 1960s when The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were at the height of their worldwide success, or today with younger artists such as Adele dominate sales worldwide. We have also achieved notable success in jazz, folk and world music on the international stage.'

                                       from the foreword to The Importance of Music - a national plan for music education


Osgodby holds The Music Mark which is awarded to schools in recognition of their commitment to high-quality music education



During music lessons in our school you will see:



children who  communicate musical ideas via vocal or instrumental performance. Our children are encouraged to discuss music using appropriate musical vocabulary and terminology. Children are encouraged to express likes and dislikes when it comes to music. They are encouraged to discuss how pieces of music make them feel and what they believe the artist was trying to convey through their work.



children who work collaboratively on the performance and creation of music. Children are encouraged to offer specific and helpful critique to peers while also learning how to receive critique for their classmates. 



children who create musical pieces using voice and instrumentation.



children who understand how musicians discuss current affairs / express political messages through their music (e.g. folk and rap music).



children who are able to empathise with the feelings of a musician while they were making a work. They are also encouraged to discuss the feelings of any subjects who may be included in pieces of music.


Cultural Awareness

children who have an awareness of key artists and music works from a wide range cultures and styles ( see Osgodby cultural canon).



children who show pride in their use of taught musical skills and the performance of their final pieces. Our children are encouraged to give and receive critique from their peers.


Our Music Leader is Mr Neil Marwood