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Physical Education


'Sport has the power to change the has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.'

                                                                                                                    Nelson Mandela


During PE lessons in our school you will see:




children who can communicate ideas physically (e.g. via dance / gymnastics). Our children are taught to discuss how their bodies feel before, during and after exercise and are encouraged to use the correct scientific vocabulary. Our children learn how to communicate effectively with their teammates and will also learn coaching and leadership skills.




children who collaborate as part of a team. They will be given the chance to work with pupils from other schools.




children who are able express their creativity through dance and gymnastic routines. Our children are also encouraged to create their own games and exercise routines.




children who embody the values of trust, responsibility, inclusion, equality and respect. Teachers are encouraged to use PE sessions as an opportunity impart these vales to our children. Children are encouraged to discuss wider issues which effect the sporting world (e.g. 'Show Racism the Red Card').




children who understand that sport can be a vehicle make the world a better place (e.g. Sport Relief)


Cultural Awareness


children who have a knowledge of key sportspeople from around the world and how they have impacted on their sport but also the wider culture, particularly those who have fought against injustice / championed a worthy cause.




children who show a determination to develop their skills in a wide range of sports. Our children are encouraged to offer critique to teammates. We see failure as 'success training'. We will discuss the 'success training' of famous sportspeople (e.g Michael Jordan)



Intra-School Sports at Osgodby Primary School

There is a misconception that competition is bad; that self-esteem will be affected if a child loses. BUT to lose, is not to be a Loser.  If a child can experience the thrill of winning and the disappointment of losing early in life through competitive sports, they will be well equipped for the reality of life.


Competition provides motivation to achieve a goal; to demonstrate determination, creativity and perseverance to overcome challenges; and to understand that hard work and commitment leads to a greater chance of success.


Life is full of situations where there are winners and losers: a sports game; getting a job; bidding on a contract; not getting into the desired college. Children need to learn how to cope with disappointment and to be able to genuinely appreciate the good fortune, talents and abilities of the “winner” and then look forward to the next opportunity to try again.


At Osgodby School we pride ourselves on getting the ‘whole’ child ready for their next steps in life. Ensuring they’re given a successful and well-rounded education. We use our inter-house competition calendar to provide opportunities for the children to represent their house in competitive sporting events.


Our PE Leader is Mrs Abigail Burdett