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'Pure mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas'

                                                                                                                Albert Einstein

'Mathematics is the music of reason'

                                                                                                               James Joseph Sylvester



During maths lessons in our school you will see:



children being taught fluency in the four operations as well as children explaining their thinking using appropriate mathematical language, jottings and written methods. Children will be asked to prove that their thinking is correct using mathematical thinking as evidence.



children working collaboratively on problem solving tasks. These will often have 'real world' contexts and may be 'open ended'.



children who recognise that mathematical problems can be solved in a variety of ways. Our children have a flexible approach to maths born from a solid grounding in 'the basics'. We recognise that maths can be a highly creative endeavour.



children who recognise that citizenship involves responsibility. We set our children up for life by exploring issues such as financial responsibility through our maths sessions.



children who are encouraged to solve 'real life' problems. We recognise that mathematics can be employed to solve some of our world's most pressing problems.


Cultural Awareness

children who have a sound knowledge of mathematical ideas which have their origins in a wide range of cultures from around the world.




children who show pride in the accuracy of their working methods, in how their work is set out and presented and how they are able to prove theories with use of maths. We encourage our children revise their work until it is accurate and completed to the expected level.


Our Maths Leader is Mr Ashley Taylor

Maths Club 


Our 'Mathemagicians' club runs for six weeks twice a year for children in Key Stage One and Two.


Take a look at some of the pictures below. 

Mathematics Intervention


Some pupils who are identified as needing further support to achieve successfully in Maths may be selected to complete our 'Catch up Numeracy' program.


Information about this program and ways in which you can support your child with Maths at home can be found in the documents below.