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Welcome to the PTA section.



Osgodby Primary School PTA


Many schools have a PTA, Parents Association or Friends of… Group. They are a great way of getting to know other families and staff whilst making a real contribution to the quality of school life for all.


Whilst fund-raising is a major part of Osgodby Primary School PTA's activities and directly contributes to the improvement of the school, there's a lot more to it than that. PTA's provide a great way to build the whole school community, including links with the wider society, all of which benefits the school and offers a positive influence within the local area. 


In a nutshell, PTA members also provide a willing workforce for the school when extra hands are needed, hold social events to bond the school community, run extra-curricular clubs for children and adults, and support parents through times of change.


Members are knowledgeable about the school and enthuse about it to enhance its reputation to the wider community. The varied work means there's something for everyone - it's not just about being on the committee, we are always grateful for a pair of hands at events!


Finally, children love seeing their parents in school. You can benefit them, improve their educational environment and make friends too. 


What have the Osgodby PTA done to help the school?

We have been busy little bees running and organising events throughout the year that include –

  • Kids Christmas Cards and mugs
  • Refreshments at Open Classrooms
  • Collation and running the school Uniform Rail
  • School Disco’s at Halloween and end of term
  • Bingo nights at Christmas & Easter
  • Refreshments at Christmas
  • Film Nights
  • Summer Fete’s and Party’s


Where is the PTA money spent?

So far the PTA have purchased for the school

  • New summer parasols to provide shade in the playground
  • New learning aids for each class including dinosaurs, sensory equipment for reception, flags etc
  • The 2019 pantomime transport will be paid for by the PTA


How can I help?

The short answer is “In so many ways!”


We don’t want parents thinking that they have to become committee members, or attend every meeting and event. Of course, if you wish to contribute in that way we would be more than grateful, but we are more than happy for just a helping hand at events, assisting with setting up or clearing away. Perhaps you have a suggestion as to where you would like to see some of the PTA money spent?


In which case, Mrs Greig will be happy to pass on the details of our Chairperson to you for a chat.


If you wish to attend one of our meetings, please speak to Mr Taylor, who will be more than happy to advise of dates and offer a warm welcome.