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'The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it!'

                                                                                                                 Jonathon Culver


During English lessons in our school you will see:



children reading fluently in a range of contexts, including reading aloud with expression to smaller and larger groups. Our children present confidently to a group and we understand the importance of public speaking in future life. Our children engage in debate. They are taught to write a range of different text types and for different purposes.



children working with their peers to improve their oral and written work. Our children are encouraged to discuss texts with their peers.



children who write creatively in different contexts (i.e. fiction and non-fiction), including a range of poetic writing. Children are encouraged to perform their own work and that of others.



children who are able to discuss issues which arise in the literature which they are exposed to. Class teachers encourage children to share their views on texts studied in class.



children who are able to empathise with characters in stories and issues explored in non-fiction texts.


Cultural Awareness

children who have knowledge of a wide range of literary texts, including established classics and those curated by school staff (see Osgodby Cultural Canon). These texts may be drawn from a range of art forms (e.g. song lyrics, film). Texts studied will be drawn from a diverse range of literary traditions and cultures.



children who take pride in the content and presentation of their written work. Children will be encouraged to edit and refine their written work and will be taught how to offer constructive feedback and how to receive it. Regular handwriting sessions will also aid the development of a neat joined style of handwriting. 


Our Early Reading Leader is Mrs Donna Harrison

Our Reading Leader is Mrs Aimee Alcock

Our Writing Leader is Mrs Abigail Burdett


Active English

At Osgodby we use the 'Active English' approach to the teaching of Grammar and punctuation. Please see our guide for parents below: